Xbox One consumes more energy than a 50-inch screen TV

Microsoft xbox one

The Council of the defense of natural resources (NRDC) has completed its assessment of Sony and Microsoft consoles which were released this year. The study revealed that both systems show significant changes in energy efficiency compared to the previous generation, but new features may cause electricity consumption to 3 times higher.

Of the 2 consoles, the Xbox One consumes more energy per year. The cause is the applicant-standby feature that allows you to turn the device with voice commands. This expense is responsible for half of the annual consumption of the system. According to the report, this feature only “consumes more electricity annually than the 50″ TV is connected.”

It was not all negative. The NRDC said both consoles employ highly efficient power supplies that minimize energy losses, undemanding processors and automatic sleep mode to prevent the waste of electricity. Another feature that was touted is the ability to load controls via USB without switching systems.

The organization also estimated how much energy videogames consume . Projected use equals an amount greater than the electricity used in all households in Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States. The report ventures to suggest that the cost of the Xbox One hold on for five years is a figure of $ 150-enough to buy 2 or 3 new titles.

Finally, the NRDC concedes that the launch models are focused on working well and not so much on efficiency, so expect future revisions to meet this issue. Specifically, they call for the active mode consumes less energy PS4 and Xbox One reduces the amount of electricity needed for standby. The Achilles heel of both was the inefficiency to view content as streams or videos, as dedicated to this function devices operate with 3 times less energy.

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