Microsoft announced that a new firmware version for the Xbox 360 is now available. According to Larry Hryb, better known as Major Nelson and director of programming for Xbox LIVE, this update does not visibly improve the console, because it focuses on improving the stability of the system, although it adds some options in Part videos income. For example, let us pause when one of them, we can continue where we left off from another console using our Xbox LIVE account.

For now this is the only aggregate revealed for this upgrade. Although Microsoft is primarily focused on supporting Xbox One, its new console launched in November 2013, the corporate vice president of strategy and marketing for Xbox, Yusuf Mehdi, said a few months ago that the company would continue to support Xbox 360 for several years.

The next high-profile title to be released for this console is Titanfall , which is now available on PC and Xbox One since early March. After a couple of delays, this version of the game, developed by Bluepoint Games studio finally be available for sale on 8 April.

Xbox 360 gets a New Firmware

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