World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria will be fourth expansion for World of Warcraft, which will be arriving late September.

As if it were a magic ritual, active players of World of Warcraft are preparing for the upcoming expansion World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria , which goes on sale this September. The first step is to update the client to version 5.0.4 , which officially opened last week to implement changes to longevity massively multiplayer. Our first stop we make in which, for many, is the most striking change: the new talent system . “Well, we hope that the new talent system like the players. The talent system is something we have changed several times over the years and this time is, by far, the one that brings the biggest change, “says Cory Stockton, lead content designer for Blizzard.

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria

With the upgrade, from fifteen level can choose between three different talents by talent point obtained. Every two levels we will unlock a new level of three talents to reach the peak of the expansion, ninety. This new system will load the previous tree structure and allows players to have greater freedom in shaping her character. To prevent the election of talent becomes an ordeal for selection error, now Blizzard can restart a particular talent using the object “Written in a clear mind” or do the same with them all at once with the class instructor. Patch 5.0.4 Changes also affect classes

With the update also has ignored the daily quest limit for the launch of the expansion. It is also noteworthy how Blizzard has revamped the spoils system, incorporating the “spoil area”, giving the objects thrown by a group of enemies killed in the same area with a single keystroke. Also, has joined the event “Attack on Theramore Isle.” For Blizzard, the importance of the patch and the expansion is not offering content in industrial quantities, that too, but fresh new commitment, Stockton admits: “The main thing is that we have created a new scenario for gameplay. We have all kinds of new content: quests, raids , zones, etc.. It is a very attractive and fresh content for players who are not connected in a while. It is not about having the most content, but this content is attractive enough for the players. ”

Content not miss high level in the expansion, coming up from 85 to 90 , but it turns out that one of the major concerns of the players is what to do after reaching the new limit. Blizzard designer tells us that “when the level is reached ninety, the adventure just starting will end” in the case of the expansion, which will try to end that sense of repetition that occurs in these cases. One of the new features that have been incorporated is the Challenge Modeapplicable to the dungeons , which will plant a countdown that will lead us to accelerate the pace to overcome the challenges. “People often think that when you reach the maximum level the options are limited to repeated raids , but in this case we wanted to not be the case, and that the player keep playing and having fun, “says Stockton.

Another novelty of the pre-expansion patch is the modification of the achievements of the MMO, which now happen to be linked to the account and not the character. Thus, a single achievement unlocked all the characters appear on the account, several characters may contribute to the genesis of an achievement, and so on. “Now we have achievements that can be unlocked by the player and despite being unlocked by a character will appear in the player’s profile,” said Stockton on this restructuring of the achievement system. This structure guided the account and not by the characters also involves sharing mounts and pets .

Both Mists of Pandaria expansion as the patch 5.0.4 have had beta phases to gauge the opinion of the community that Blizzard techniques practiced with enthusiasm for its benefits: “Sure, the beta is part of the whole process. Betas always maintain for a long period of time.Habituated to see what players do and receive comments. We remain very close to the players, “the designer tierce while pointing to the contributions of the players are a part in the development process of the patches and expansions. However, Stockton remarks that the path followed by Blizzard involves finding the “balance” between the suggestions and requests of the players and the decisions of the development team.

The Blizzard MMO is reinventing serving players and “investigating” the competition , but without losing sight of their own logbook, Stockton explains: “We are all players here and as such receive influences from all the games we play . We are always aware of other games.Not that we engage to take ideas and apply them, but we are investigating to see what works and what does not work, find those elements that appeal. But as I say, we always like to do things our way, the game is ours. ” The designer stresses the need to maintain at all times the company’s style, not too much carried away by what others do. For now, Blizzard already have ideas for future expansion after Mists of Pandaria.

The good intentions of Mists of Pandaria, expansion orchestrated by a development team that knows that World of Warcraft needs to evolve to continue conquering millions of players, come at a difficult time. Might be the more competitive environment to date by the rise of free-to-play applied to major projects such as Star Wars: The Old Republic and the recent release of Guild Wars 2, but the Californian study is clear that the veteran of MMO is not a weakness: “World of Warcraft is eight years old this year [about the American release]. The game originally launched has changed a lot over the years and the changes in the genre. That title has years of existence does not mean that players are always playing the same. ” On September 25, we’ll find out.

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