If you thought you are already getting a good amount of content for the price you payed well the Xbox One Version Includes 2 additional content. 



Included in the Xbox One Collectors Edition is a card game called Gwent, which is also playable in-game. It was invented by some industrious dwarves to be played in taverns across the world of The Witcher.

The strategy card game is brought to life in physical form with two decks spanning 150 cards. Two players can play one of four factions and dish out spell cards which will control the weather affect units.

Players can choose close range heavy knights, long range archers or artillery siege weapons. There are also hero cards unique to each faction.

Along with Gwent, a cloth map of the in-game world of The Witcher 3 will also be included.

If you are picking this up for the PS4 and PC those will not include the cloth map and card game, everything else is still the same

The Witcher 3 is coming out in Feb. 2015 and the collectors edition will run you $150

My Thoughts: It’s nice when they add more content to something that already comes with a lot but for a collectors edition if you are going to add more content then add that to EVERY VERSION OF THE CE not just 1 platform do to it;s unfair for users who already paying $150 and might feel ripped out that there PS4/PC version did not include the extras.

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