Wii U chat will be supported by Licensed Headsets only.

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The Wii u will support chat only through licensed headsets only. Chatting through the Wii U is not that easy as you will need to have certain details to make it work.

To use in-game chat in those few Wii U games which support the feature, you’ll need a headset plugged into the Game Pad – even when you’re not using the controller.

We will see what type of headsets will get the exclusiveness for this game. Well when we test our console will use the Tritton Kunai made for the Wii U. We just have to wait for now to see how they do the multiplayer mode for black ops 2 as is important that you have chatting in the game.  Will have to wait and see if it will be wireless or wired. What do you think  how the chatting will be implemented for the Wii U.

Wii U will support Chat through licensed Headsets only

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