Nintendo confirms Wii U stocks will be limited at launch.

wii u

The new console from Nintendo, Wii U , will launch on soon world wide, and surely that will run during the first day as point sources from different retailers. A major store chain says Nintendo does not have enough units to meet the reserve, and in fact only expect Nintendo to distribute 25,000 units of Wii U in its launch day.

Another retailer claiming points higher expect between 75,000 and 100,000 units during its launch window, but do not know if these units will receive during the first days or during the first few weeks. Given such statements Nintendo has issued a statement confirming the shortage of consoles at launch: “The Wii U stocks are tight from day one. Yet will provide regular deliveries to retailers in the run up to Christmas in order to meet demand. ”

Nintendo expects to sell 5.5 million Wii up to March 31, down from the estimated 7 million expected by analysts. In its recent financial results have admitted that the profit forecast has been lowered. The original Wii went on to sell 105,000 units in its first weekend.

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