Ubisoft confirms that the leaked Wii U covers are in fact real.

Wii U Covers Are Real Says Ubisoft
Wii U Covers

Michael Beadle , Ubisoft representative said that the leaked pictures of the Wii U game box art that should up yesterday are in fact real. This are set to be the first covers Wii U we have yet to confirm if the set game Assassin’s Creed 3, Avengers Battle for Earth, and Just Dance 4 will be available at release date . “Yes, the covers of U Wii you have seen are legitimate, “said Beadle. The Nintendo console launches in the final stretch of this year, but still no details on the exact time or on the asking price.

What do you think of the covers, they you think Nintendo is taking the right steps to compete with the top console giants Microsoft and Sony?

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