Torchlight 2 All Robot Parts Locations Guide

torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 Guide will take you through all the different acts in the game to help you find all the robot (robotic) parts.

torchlight 2

Find all the torchlight 2 robot parts locations throughout the entire gameplay of the game. Find all the 5 different hidden robot parts that are in all the 3 different acts in the game. Once you complete and gather all the five robot parts you will be granted a new quests to complete. Follow along all the parts below or you can take a look at the Torchlight 2 video guide above to locate all the parts in the game.


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Act 1 – Widow’s Veil (Crow’s Pass)
Light up all the braziers throughout the dungeon to open a secret room which contains the first part (Robotic Drum).

Act 2 – Tower of the Moon (Ossean Wastes)
Hit every gong in the dungeon to open a secret room which contains the second part (Robotic Arm).

Act 2 – Blood Hive
You need to crush all the eggs found on the last floor of the dungeon to get the third part (Robotic Pipes).

Act 3 – Abandoned Sawmill
Remove all skeletons from every wall in the dungeon to open a secret room which contains the fourth part (Robotic Body).

Act 3 – Cacklespit’s Realm
This dungeon will be available after completion of a previous quest where you’ll find a bell in the marshlands. Once you have entered in the dungeon, destroy three tree stumps to unlock the secret area which will contain the last part (Robot Head).

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