The Torchlight 2 Outlander Skill Tree will guide you through all the levels of this class.

Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 Outlander Skill Tree will guide you through the different skill and abilities for this class. The guide will provide you with a details of how to best use the class and how to go about using them .

Outlanders are nomadic explorers who search the world for treasure and hidden magic. There is no formal organization of Outlanders; they are former outlaws, thieves and pirates who have taken to collecting the world’s ancient lore and forgotten artifacts


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Warfare Skill Tree

Rapid Fire: You shoot out rapid bursts of bullets that cause your enemies to get knocked back and even reduces their armor rating.

Long Range Mastery: Your prowess with long range weapons increase.

Shotgonne Mastery: Your skill level with the shotgonne increases.

Rune Vault: You vault backwards from your enemies but leave a sigil that damages them and has 50% chance.

Chaos Burst: You shoot three projectiles that bounce around causing havoc.

Lore Skill Tree
Glaive Throw : You fling your glaive at your enemy it re-bounces only once from that enemy to hit additional foes.

Dodge Mastery: Increase your skill of dodging attacks by 4%. Always active.

Tangling Shot: You shoot a cursed bullet that binds the enemy and slowly crushes them.

Poison Burst: When enemies get killed, they explode and erupt a poison cloud of radius 6 meters.

Glaive Sweep : You sweep your glaive in a circle of radius 4.5 meters around you

Share The Wealth: You share 20% of your Charge benefits with all pets and allies within 16 meters

Sigil Skill Tree

Blade Pact: You cause your enemies to move slowly and have weakened defense as well.

Master Of The Elements: Your elemental damage increases.

Shadow Shot: Your bullets splits into 3 parts upon contact thus hurting even more enemies.

Shadowling Ammo: It Gives you a 12% chance of resurrecting slain enemies as bats to fight for you.

Bane Breath: It is a poison breath that can kill foes.

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