Torchlight 2 Engineer Skill Tree guide will proivde you with all the tips you need to upgrade.

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The Torchlight skill tree will guide you through all the levels and different types of upgrades that you need to level up your engineer class. Follow the tips below or you can take a look at the video guide above which does a great job on explaining the Engineer Skill Tree.


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Blitz Skill Tree

Blitz is the Engineer’s offensive skill tree, focusing on augmenting his melee attacks and overall combat effectiveness.
Flame Hammer: Your weapon create 4 fire splinters upon the point of impact

Supercharge: When hitting enemies there is a chance you can supercharge your weapon for the next 10 seconds.

Seismic Slam: Your stomp causes enemies to get stunned and catch fire around you.

Ember Hammer: A side long swing of your weapon.

Coup de grace: When hitting an already stunned target there is a chance they may get electrocuted.


Construct Skill Tree

Construction is the Engineer’s Support skill tree, focusing on summoning support bots for self-buffing and assistance in combat.


Healing Bot: You deploy a small robot that gives out an energy pulse both you and your allies.  (heal pets and allies)

Bulwark: Increases your armor rating by 2%.

Blast Cannon: A long range projectile missile attack requiring a cannon in your arsenal.

Spider Mines: Moving mines carried on the back of small robot spiders.

Gun Bot: A small turret firing at your enemies at the rate of 5 rounds per second. It lasts for 60 seconds.

Cannon Mastery: Your skill with the cannon grow, your attack speed with the cannon is increased by 3%.

Shock Grenade: A grenade which when thrown can possibly shock and stun your foes in a 4 meter radius for 4 seconds.

Fusillade: A barrage of rockets from you cannon.

Sticky Bombs: Whenever you attack a stunned target you attach a bomb to him which explodes 3 seconds later.


Aegis Skill Tree 

Aegis is the Engineer’s Defensive skill tree, focusing on protecting himself and channeling powers through his shield (if he has one) and his Embercraft armor.

Shield Bash: Bash enemies with your shield to slow them or interrupt them.

Storm And Board: It adds some of your shield armor value to your melee weapon’s damage value.

Force field: An aura generated around you by your armor to protect you from attacks.

Aegis Of Fate: A defensive bubble that generates around you when enemies attack.

Overload: Overload your targets armor to electrocute up to 5 enemies in a 6 meter radius.

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