The Torchlight 2 Embermage Skill Tree will guide you through all the abilities of this class.

Torchlight 2

The Torchlight 2 Embermage class will take you through the entire skill tree and show you all the abilities that this class has to offer. The Embermages are highly trained soldiers and also can use magic which uses to draw power from the mineral directly. Embermages are said to work closely with Vanquishers to crush the enemies of the Empire. See the video above that explains in detail the torchlight 2 embermage skill tree and all the details that you need to know to use this class effectively.


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Embermage Skill Tree Guide

Torchlight 2 Embermage Skill Tree Guide

Frost Skill Tree
Icy Blast: You fire 5 ice bolts to slow and immobilize your enemies.

Staff Mastery: Your skill with staves lowers the elemental resistances of enemies when you strike them.

Frozen Fate: Whenever you kill an enemy, you have a chance of freezing up to 4 more enemies

Hailstorm: Rain down ice shards in a 15 meter radius around you.

Ice Brand: When you hit a frozen enemy, you do extra ice damage.

Frost Phase: You teleport a short distance. In both places, you dish out ice damage with 2.5 meters burst. It has a 10% chance for freezing enemies for 3 seconds


Inferno Skill Tree
Magma Spear: Fire a channeled barrage of magma at your enemies.

Charge Mastery: Your expertise with Charge lets you gain it faster, and retain it longer.

Magma Mace: Summon a fire mace and it will stun enemies in a 5 meters arc in front of you. It has 80% chance of stunning the opponents for 3 seconds.

Elemental Attunement: Embermage is more in sync with his skills.

Fire bombs: You throw three fire grenade, which ignite the ground for three seconds.

Fire Brand: When you hit an already burning enemy

Blazing Pillars: You get 4 giant pillars of fire that actively seek out your enemies and entrap them.


Storm Skill Tree

Prismatic Rift: Your energy gets your enemies teleported to other places when they strike you.

Prismatic Bolt: You fire 5 bolts that have a 5% chance of poisoning, burning, freezing and shocking your enemies for 3 seconds.

Shocking Burst: You fire a channeled burst of lightening that damages foe in 8 meter range and are in 75 degree angle from you.

Wand’s Chaos: Attacks using your wand can result in bizarre effects.

Lightening Brand: When you hit an already shocked enemy, you do extra damage.


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