The last few weeks of Tomb Raider long development are chronicled in Lara Croft’s upcoming adventure.

We arrived at the fifth and ‘almost’ last day of the anticipated new development Tomb Raider . The series The Final Hours of Tomb Raider and showed us many curious details about the production of the game by Crystal Dynamics and the efforts that both the study and the publisher Square Enix are putting in the rebirth of Lara Croft , a heroine and wife representative to take up arms in the world of video games, which will make her day view on March 5, 2013 , on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, not by the time Wii U .

Tomb Raider

 During the first three episodes , we saw the most inspirational, story and sound of the new Tomb Raider, while the fourth chapter we study the online multiplayer mode of Eidos Montreal . In the final episode, we traveled to Redwood City, California, for a walk in the offices of the developer who not only holds the new birth of Lara Croft, but has also been busy in the last game of the first series. Very close to the final hour, Crystal Dynamics gives his impressions on the work end end and open the doors to the finishing touches in the production of so promising work.

Chatting between racks with some of the team members some details are revealed an sound  interesting, as the type of action or feelings that Tomb Raider is intended to convey to the players. The legacy you leave the reboot of the series in the new generation has played a key role in the approach to the game, since this is the first adventure of Lara Croft that younger people experience in the sector and Crystal Dynamics wants it whole experience as it was in its infancy.

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