Tomb Raider Relics Locations Guide will help you gather all during the entire campaign.

Tomb Raider Relics Locations

Here in the Tomb Raider Relics Locations guide page will give you the information on where to find these items, objects and how to gather them. The Tomb Raider Relics represent another type of hidden collectibles featured  in the video game, and can be acquired when Lara Croft reaches the first area of the island. This guide will help you gather all the different relics that are located in the game.

The Relics come in different shapes and forms, depicting various objects. Most of them are ancient Japanese items, and they can be a good source of information regarding the island’s history.

Tomb Raider Relics are available in most regions, but they are well hidden, and are in most unlikely areas, which you will have to look really hard not to miss them.

In addition, when players unlock equipment like rope arrows or shotgun, must travel to previously visited areas using the fields, because they will find more relics left to collect. There are 42 Tomb Raider Relics that will need to be gathered in the game and we will provide you with the different locations of all. Once you collect all the relics you will be able to unlock the Relic Hunter, Archaeologist, No Stone Left Unturned achievements and trophies in the game

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Tomb Raider Relics Locations

Coastal Forest Collectibles Locations Mountain Temple Collectibles Locations Base Approach Collectibles  Locations Mountain Village Collectibles Locations
Tomb Raider Coastal Forest Collectible Locations (Documents, Relics, GPS Caches, & Ghost Hunter) Tomb Raider Mountain Temple Collectibles (Documents, Relics, GPS Caches, & Pyromaniac) Tomb Raider Base Approach Collectibles (Relics & GPS Caches) Tomb Raider Mountain Village Collectibles + Egg Poacher & Illumination Challenge

Coastal Forrest: 3 Relics

Mountain Temple: 2 Relics

Mountain Village: 6 Relics

Base Approach: 2 Relics

Mountain Base: none

Base Exterior: 2 Relics

Cliffside Village: none

Shantytown: 7 Relics

Summit Forrest: 3 Relics

Geothermal Caverns: 3 Relics

Solarii Fortress: none

Chasm Monastery: none

Chasm Stronghold: none

Chasm Shrine: 3 Relics

Chasm Ziggurat: none

Research Base: 2 Relics

Shipwreck Beach: 6 Relics

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