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Titanfall will not have split-screen for the multiplayer

Through its official Twitter account, the developer Respawn clarified that his latest and highly anticipated project, Titanfall, lack of local multiplayer with split screen after a fan asked about it.


The user shane Leedy wrote: “Can you clarify about the multiplayer split screen in Titanfall I cannot afford another Xbox One for my girlfriend? “what Respawn replied:” No, it is not a feature of Titanfall “.

The split screen multiplayer is a standard that has slowly lost its place in the industry with emphasis on network game. Looks like Titanfall not have local multiplayer, so it will only be possible to play with other users online in console.

Let me know what you think about not having split-screen for the multiplayer and what this does to you wanting to buy the game.


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    Barry Rubenstein
    Aug 23, 2015 @ 9:14 am

    terrible decision. We love to play as a family. Now I will forced to by another console. I would not have bought this game had I known it would not have a split screen feature.

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