The Making of ZOMBIU: In the Eye of ZombiU Episode 1


The Zombiu you is a Horror game, see how deep inside the eye of ZombieU.


The Zombiu is a horror, first person shooter hybrid game that not only is for the Wii U but is truly a survival mode, one life and thats it. The Eye of ZombiU” video series for ZOMBIU from Ubisoft will be a premiere title for the upcoming launch of the Nintendo Wii U. This is the PEGI version of the video, so take a look at it and see how survival mode should be. One life you have to survive with, are you ready for the survival to begin and to make it alive with one life? The game promises that you are going to die a lot and with the feature of the WiiU controller is a game I can’t wait to have. Please stay tune for the next episode in which it will take us behind the story of ZombiU.