The Last Story for the Wii will be a role-playing game that will be release into the United States This summer, which it already been sold in Japan in January of 2011. "The Last Story" seem to be a hardcore game that should be a big hit for all gamers, This game is worked on by Final Fastasy creator Hironobu Sakguchi, In collaboration with Sakaguchi's Studio Mistwalker.

The Game takes charge of a band of Mercenaries into a epic journey and will explore secret across Lazulis Island, The band of Mercenaries is a warrior name Zael with Rare powers that under your control, Zael and his mercenary islands capital city and is drawn into official affairs.

The Gameplay is a combat system that calls on players to to take the lead of tactical teamwork. With abilitys like "Gathering" they will gather enemy agression focal point to them while other team-mates are free to perform attacks, heal, and specific tast. The options of using either Manual or automatic attack systems can sult their abilities for there level. once you feel up to the challenge you can try take on the areana witch will test your skills. This game will also offer cooperative and competitive online battles for 2-6 players.

This game along with "Xenoblade Chronicles" and "Pandor's Tower" might be some of the biggest games fans wanted with there focus on the fans.


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