The last of Us Review will take you through a survival at any cost.

The Last of Us Review

In The Last of Us everything is more cruel, harsh, ruthless and bleak, to reflect a world in which there are no friends and the rules of the past no longer apply. A terrible world in which both infected and other survivors are the enemy to beat for scarce resources and to continue living. In short, the more raw and inhuman atmosphere you have ever seen in a game with “infected”.

The Last of Us is set in a hypothetical reality set in the future, 20 years later in time. A variant of cordyceps fungus has mutated and now its spores do affect the human being. These spores, in the case of ants, modify its appearance and behavior, making them more violent. And the game starts with the premise that this mutation has begun to affect the human.

The fungus is installed in the head, and after a period of mutation, but bursts from within the carrier end. During all phases of this mutation, the extremely hostile infected sample, although the first is more agile and keeps his senses (can see us running … at this stage they are known as “runners”), while in the most advanced are blind and somewhat slower but much more lethal (at this stage they are known as snapping).

There is a variant that will not detail that you bring forth the surprise play, just say that basically serve as “final boss” in three areas of the game counted and which are the hardest to crack. No more types of infected, but no matter: our worst enemy will always be other humans, and soon discover the adventure. As we have warned, is a ruthless world and each will do its best to continue living, even kill the neighbor.

The Last of Us Video Review

As in the case of zombies, a simple bite of an infected person begins the process of mutation, which ends with a chilling results pandemic in 20 years, more than half the world’s population has died or mutated because of these spores or their effects. And not only that: the survivors take refuge in cities-ghetto protected by the few remaining military forces, scraping as they can. The ration cards are the foundation of this new world, in which rats are a precious commodity.

Even in this situation of chaos, mankind gets to agree: in cities already discarded the possibility of finding a cure, while a faction “rebel”, baptized as dragonflies, fight that worldview. And there’s more: there is another faction, dubbed the “hunters” who have become strong in some areas and quickly dispatch with the other survivors to stay with their meager belongings .


the last of us

In this sense, The Last of Us makes an OUTSTANDING job to recreate a world frankly depressing, sad, cruel in which the impairment, the neglect, the reconquest of urban by nature and memories of “people” no longer sprout at every step, desperate notes, painted on walls, pictures abandoned … all makes for a harrowing climate that we have not seen in other games.

The plot and the psychological design of all its characters are other pillars of the game. For reasons of foreclosures and requests from developers, we can not go into too much detail in some aspects, but we will try to have the essentials without busting anything. The protagonist, Joel, live in one of the last holdouts of humanity, a city fenced and closed to the outside, where it survives wheeling and dealing with supplies and weapons, both outside and within the city, along with his partner Tess.

One day, one of your “business” is twisted, and to recover a shipment of arms are forced to collaborate with the fireflies, who charge a mission: to bring to young Ellie of the city to one of its bases. The reason we discover along the journey, and at the express request of Naughty Dog can not even mention it in this analysis. Yes, as you can imagine, the trip is complicated and longer than expected, just about a full year, time that absolutely everything happens … and almost nothing good.

Nothing good from the point of view that we live all possible situations that you go through your head: crossing with groups of hunters who try to kill us, flee infected groups in dark places lit only by the dim light of our flashlight, share part of the journey with other small groups of survivors or even visit a friend who survives alone in the middle of chaos for us to return a favor. All these situations, and many more that we can tell, are centered on an adventure that is atypical in many ways.


Stealth Combat Mode is your best allie

If we were to look for a benchmark in terms of mechanical, something like TLOU , the lighter the Manhunt shirt. Take  enemies from behind and kill them quietly is often more effective to pull guns, because the sound will attract others and, what is worse, we shall never walk very buoyant ammunition. In pistols or revolvers not pass to bring the 20 bullets.

Indeed. Completeamente infected face is different fight other “humans”. For example, to remove sneak up on a “clicker” is essential to have a knife or, failing that, a knife and a bar … but if we grab during the struggle we have a good chance of dying. In humans, the situation is different: we breaking their neck, use you as a human shield to save a knife … but also know how to work better together to surround or hidden, which makes some fighting. And not to talk about their reactions to the weapons we use (try shooting a gun out of ammo and see).


 So meditate every new step we take is a constant adventure and, luckily, we have some extra help. Pressing the mode button activated R2 “listening”, that allows us to walk crouched quietly and identify sound sources even through walls (Whooping infected, next human who speak or move …). Thus, we can study the movement and behavior of enemies, to draw a plan of attack with what we take up.

It is worth notice that, first, the advance may be a little slow, away from the frenetic development of, for example, an Uncharted. But as we move forward, we learn to distract enemies by throwing objects in another direction, to use melee weapons, to create new artifacts (petrol bombs, explosive cans …) and we’re accessing new weapons (rifle, bow , shotgun, flamethrower …), the range of possibilities grows and with it, our strategies are diversified.

Survival at all means

His touch of Survival Horror , meanwhile, also makes advance to a slower pace for “fault” layer adds extra voltage inspect ghost towns, the dark mansions and other areas where anything or danger may skip in the face. In parallel, the “survival” invite us inspecccionar thoroughly until the last corner of every house, every scenario, seeking useful objects to create our own items or to improve our arsenal.

Alcohol, cloth, tape, knives, sugar and explosives are the only ingredients we use to create different offensive objects (such as Molotov cocktails, the aforementioned cans improvised explosive or blades can even attach to bars and baseball bats), defensive (as blinding smoke bombs at enemies) and curative, as medikits. Create these elements (or use some of them as kits) does not stop the action and leaves us “sold” to the enemy.

The smartest thing is usually lulls leverage to create the objects we need because, do it during a battle usually ends with Joel died. We also collect pills, which when consumed in certain quantities enhance some aspects of the protagonist, as expanding the listening radius R2, improve time pulse point or increase the speed at which it heals or create objects. And let’s not forget other objects, such as manuals that enhance the ability of healing kits or range of molotov cocktails.


There is no shortage collectibles as “dogtags” or fireflies plates fallen in combat or comics series which engages Ellie during the adventure. And there is more: also collect pieces to enhance our weapons in different areas, such as magazine capacity and reload speed. Each of these improvements has a level of 1 to 5, which indicates the difficulty of operating improvements. To carry them out, we will have the number of parts required, but not only that …

Along the way we also pick up tool boxes (red, to be exact) that are scattered throughout the stage. They are usually not very hidden and there are a total of 5. Each level increases our skill as “dealer” and thus make improvements to level 5, we will be located every one of the tool boxes, something that is not very difficult if you inspect the relatively calm environments. We have to analyze the achieved …


  In this sense, many of these objects and raw materials are in plain sight, lying on the ground, but often hide in drawers and cabinets that have to open or even, for instance, on the roof of a truck, the we have to climb interacting with the environment (do not have a jump button like Uncharted ). The result is a thorough inspection of the environment that “slows down” a little progress under a sense of “need” constant materials for manufacturing.

The only “but” to be blamed in this respect is that there is little variety of raw materials and, therefore, the range of items we can create is a bit small. We assume that Naughty Dog wanted it that way to simplify things and that the players are not lost in endless menus, that is more agile, but a greater variety of objects could have left a deep creation system and varied. Still, as is, does the job.

 Along with exploration, stealth and action, not lacking other elements, like the “puzzles” are not quoted because it really such, not many. Sometimes we must find a wooden plank or ladder to reach a certain site … or think about where to place it to get to it from another site, while in others, the difficulty is limited to find a car or to move achieve an elevated area. That said, there are “puzzles”.

At other times, no more than two or three along the adventure, our task will be to find a pallet or water shed, through which we carry Ellie, who can not swim, or place to another shore and in the least, find a key to open a door. In any case, The Last of Us are looking for let us blocked with an intractable situation, only invites us to reflect a little bit or explore a little more to find the items that you need to overcome …

And although the action, stealth and exploration are the protagonists, that does not stop the adventure offers variety of situations, such as defending a position from waves of enemies (a la horde) to run away from a group of pursuers, pushing a car to boot while avoiding the infected, diving sections, other things that we can tell you … Well, that development is dotted with memorable moments that get a huge variety to the set.

A set which, again, leaves a very different sensations of other adventures. Joel is not fast running, and is so easy target first as in other action games. An adventure in which a fault can be concluded with Joel died (and die several times throughout the adventure, that’s for sure). But above all, an adventure where our schemes “normal” life descolocarán you seeing some brutal behavior in certain characters.


 All this leaves an adventure structured in 12 chapters, each set in different locations (a sewer, a university …) that can easily leave you 17 to 18 hours of play. A long way above the average current adventures and offers 4 levels of dificuttad (the latter Survivor not available initially) and Departure + to continue to improve to Joel and his arsenal (it is practically impossible to implement each and every one of the improvements in the first game).

But you have to add another great merit: even with a pace slightly slower game and the adventure long decays and not boring at any time, always goes beyond that, it is almost impossible to leave the command to find out what awaits them the Joel and Ellie adventure. Really, the get to catch much love that even with the console off, or even after finishing the game, you still thinking of them, in their world, in their history. And that’s something that does not happen often. With this history, Naugthy Dog is becoming one of the factories narrative to follow very closely in the coming years.

Who needs the next generation (Graphics)

We will not hide that part of his enormous charm also lies on a technical section that could well be the next generation. Have you seen, to date, a game that squeeze the potential of PS3 . Scenarios ultrasonically and sometimes more wide open than Uncharted (another technical reference of this generation) and overloaded with elements such as vegetation, waste a great water recreation, dirt, dust and spores floating.

Every house, every room has a different finish and even transmits sensations different often feel that you are invading the privacy of other “people”. Bedrooms for babies and children, dorm rooms of a university, a toy with nods to other productions of Naughty Dog … every room is unique and you will not notice the feeling of “cut and paste” from other games. And with the character models and animations got it.

Video scenes go further with more realistic characters, better facial animations and generally, a tone very, very peliculero. The level does not decline during the game, you’ll be spoiled some transitions even smoother action or contextual animations that leave a more natural and vivid characters in Uncharted. Nothing is recycled to the tomb robber adventures, everything is new and the result can be seen even in the running form of Joel, slow and deliberate.


 You’ll never have to wait almost nothing to play, even if you killed. Everything is almost perfect and just find fault, beyond a bit of popping in some open areas or, alternatively, the slightest delay in loading the textures. But it’s something you’ll notice a blue moon and only in very specific areas. Insist, as of its release, this is one of the technical ceilings PS3 and these failures are entirely forgivable.

And we have not even discussed other minor details, such as the recreation of the lights and shadows (probably are the best I’ve seen on PS3), details like waving the Dual Shock 3 to “move” our flashlight batteries and recover part of the power of the light beam (with a slick visual effect) … are so many details that technically TLOU is in another league altogether different from the adventures you’ve seen so far on PS3, with permission of the spectacular Uncharted 3 .

Artificial intelligence, meanwhile, is also the alura. Notable human enemies, which are coordinated, try to surround ourselves and, more or less generally respond very well (except for a few rare cases that we have been “unpretentious but” or circling). We can not say the same for the allies, whether Ellie, Tess or other casual partners. No ruin, much less, the experience, but sometimes feel like strangling them, literally.

During the preparation of this analysis, we only have these failures occurred a couple of times and just annoy. We refer, for example, “currarnos” stealth zone whatsoever, undetected, until Ellie gives venazo, comes out of hiding and throws a brick at an enemy shouting “coward”. O Tess, you are seeing as we crouched studying the movements of the infected in an area full of these creatures and decides to throw the gun to kill the closest.


We insist, are not much less frequent faults break the game (the system of checkpoints usually save just before peleagudas areas, so you will not have to repeat almost anything), only minor trifles that nothing interferes with the normal development of adventure. I

Audio Details

Yes there are some problems where more “serious” is in the audio. we like as has been done with the character. The other voices are also maintained, with many ring you on TV and other games and generally leave some superb performances. The problem is that the game seems to be designed for computers digital dolby surround sound …

If you play with a 5.1 headphones or a set of speakers, you’ll have no problem. In fact, the configuration options are extensive, choosing from Dolby Digital or DTS, the size of the center speaker even an adaptation of the sound field in space, ie a small game room, large or even limit the amount of certain effects if we play at night, no “atrone” neither the neighbor nor to those around us …

The problems only appear when you play with a stereo, whether the TV speakers, a 2.1 system or ordinary headphones. When trying to adapt the two-channel surround sound, do not know what problem you have had but it is normal that the resulting dialogue volume somewhat lower and, if we are close to the characters or in the right place, we even did not hear their voices.



All these virtues also remain techniques in multiplayer, where Naughty Dog has tried to offer something different. The mode is called Factions, and turns to a simple idea: to resist this apocalyptic world in 12 weeks time when a rescue team will come for (each item counts as one day). During this time, will be part of one of the two available sides (hunters or fireflies) and we have to fight the opponent side to increase our clan and survive.

the last of us multiplayer trailer 

Two modes seem few and while they are fun, offer some duration and style of play slightly different from other proposals offered now PS3 , I could have pimped a little more. Let the feeling of providing the basics, or because of failure to do so did not reach the release date or thinking about the future DLC. In either case, what it does, it does well and as a way to further work on the game universe fulfills its mission. But make no mistake, the undisputed star is the single player campaign. That’s where the game shines.

With all this, Naughty Dog has done it again and what seemed impossible: surprise again and leave us open-mouthed. Everything is at a high level, from history, shaping a unique universe, full of memorable characters you will not forget easily and, in his own right, make The Last of Us in one of the adventures of the year that you don’t want to leave for last.

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