The Irresistible  Slenderman

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The horridly scary Slenderman game that involves the un-proportionate stalker that steals children in the night. Slender-man is based on an urban myth a person created one day on a monster making contest and has spread like wildfire ever since on the internet, popping up in pictures, videos and “what if” reviews. Since then the popular freak of nature has appeared in his own video game originally called Slender, now Slender The Eight Pages

The game sets you in the middle of the dark woods with nothing to go off of but a trail before you and a flashlight in hand. As you browse the trees, you’ll eventually come across your first piece of paper. After collecting a page, music will start playing and the chills will start rolling down the spine and the feeling of invisible spiders crawling along your arms will ensue, and only increase as the game progresses. The farther along you get and the more pages you collect, the stronger the music and the more often you will see slender-man, eventually causing him to teleport around you, forcing you to dodge to one side and take off running, lest you end up in his grasp.

Many spin-offs of the series have arrived on the internet and the original beta versions could be found free across the internet. Now renamed Slender Man’s Shadow( this collection of seven slender-man maps includes a bonus map labeled carnival that make an appearance for a cheap price of $6.99. Definitely show your support to these guys and give these maps a try for added variety. These maps include anything like a bloody elementary school, abandoned prison, hospital, hedge maze, mansion(which in my opinion is an amazing slender map that consists of three levels that require you to find items on every floor and keys to access them.)

Now here comes the real fun! A bunch of big game developers took upon themselves to make a high res slender-man game that looked beautiful and provides a pristine game to scare ones pants off.
This version is called Haunt. Also free to play, this game provides the biggest map seen in a slender-based game and throws in a few more pages for the player to find. With multiple structures, objects, and a spooky woods the player has to go through, there is plenty to offer for every scary game enthusiast. Considering it is large enough to include saving typewriters that will actually save your progress, this game is a must have! The graphics are gorgeous and fun to look at, the sounds are amped up from original Slender and the screams and background noise makes it all worth it. It includes a new version of Slender that I personally enjoy, multiple game difficulties, and a scary observation tower o.O
If you’re a fan of the scary suspenseful games, in for a quick fright, or wanna see how long you can survive, give this game a try.

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Haunt screenshot

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