Vampires, werewolves and other creatures of the night. Nothing resists the power of Van Helsing, who stars in this intense action role adventure developed by Neocore Games.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing review

With a great atmosphere, attractive game system and some truly original ideas. Read on the The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Review. Born in the pages of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula, Professor Van Helsing has been a regular in books, movies and some video games related to the world of vampires. However, few times we’ve gotten into the skin of this iconic specialist in the unknown, in the way presented in this intense action adventure role developed by the creators of King Arthur, the Hungarian study Neocore Games, which while staying within the guidelines set by the great leaders of the genre, have contributed to the formula a touch of distinction, resulting in a high quality game that is offered at an irresistible price.
The Monster Hunter
Blindly following the mythology own stories inspired by creatures of the night, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing puts us in the shoes of a direct descendant of this illustrious monster hunter, who has traveled to the gloomy lands Borgovia to clarify the dark mystery that haunts the inhabitants. Interesting starting point for an entertaining story that does not fail to impress by their constant references to monsters and literary accounts of popular culture, and especially for his great sense of humor, sometimes very black-, derived from the odd relationship that shares our hero and his companion: the wandering spirit of a woman with a tongue as sharp as his own claws.

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Various characters to keep in mind since at all times accompany Van Helsing, who will support in combat as a warrior. In this sense, like the hero of this adventure, we shall choose the physical attributes and the team battle, who can also provide orders for completely simple to perfection to our hunter demons.
A powerful warrior who can customize with great freedom choosing their physical attributes and skills of three distinct categories, each focusing on a distinct fighting style. Thus, in the absence of the traditional character classes seen in other titles of a similar, Van Helsing may only specialize in the art of fighting with swords, swords only, in the handling of firearms, the use of certain magical skills, or a mixture of these styles. And of course, depending on the choices that we make our way to tackle the game vary markedly.

At this point, yes, we feel that the combat system is somewhat simpler in terms of battle options at our disposal. That despite having the ability to create certain combos mixing various special abilities, creating effects as varied as harmful to the enemy. For example, to give you an idea, to improve certain attributes related to firearms, our shots may generate small bursts of fire affecting several enemies at once, the same way a sword may drain the life contrary. The options in this case, although not very high, are more than acceptable, but in the long run, as we said, the action ends up falling in a certain degree of monotony and simplicity that overshadows anything the end result.

The dangers of Borgovia
As in other titles in action role in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing gives us the opportunity to visit a variety of locations ranging from the classic war environments in which we will face hundreds of creatures of the night; to quieter areas such as towns and cities in which we shall relate to the inhabitants of Borgovia, trade, and even manufacture our own weapons and magic potions.

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The design of the game world at this point is more remarkable, with a clever arrangement of the objectives to overcome, turned into the classic exploration and combat missions against dozens of enemy hordes and some other bigwig end, but also in delirious fun side quests with references to books like The Lord of the Rings, folk tales as

The variety of locations is very remarkable. The design of the game environments and the creatures that inhabit it is one of the great attractions of the program.

The great sense of humor that offer these missions, as well as the atmosphere of the experience at the program, greatly help to complete this adventure challenge involving very nice, but somewhat short by today’s standards. And it beat the game discovering along the way many of its secrets can take around 10 hours of play on a high difficulty level, significantly reduced if we focus on the lowest difficulty. This, considering the price that has been offered for sale is not a problem, but should be taken into account in the knowledge that there are no character classes, which would invite the game replayed more times, nor did the maps are regenerated randomly each time you start the game.
Minigame designed as if we were in a popular tower defense game, which gives us the opportunity to build and customize with traps of all kinds a shelter that will be defended later waves of enemies. But as we said, unfortunately this great idea is watered down once you start the action, which is a real shame.
But the most negative aspect of the program is, at least for now, in its technological aspect. First, because the four-player cooperative multiplayer not working as expected in these early days, preventing seize the would certainly be one of the most striking features of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. Also, the graphics engine is too demanding for what it truly shows, with excessively long loading times or specific slowdowns that can get quite annoying in some older equipment. Fortunately, the development team is already working on these problems to solve them as soon as possible.

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Playing on higher difficulty levels is a challenge, when being attached by dozen of enemies.

Therefore, despite its shortcomings, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is a title of the most recommended for any fan of action games and role playing. Overall the game is most enjoyable as you race the degree of levels and use all the different skills that you are provided.
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