Temple Run 2 arrives to show us why your first delivery has more than 170 million downloads worldwide. Ready to return to run without stopping?

The genre of the ‘endless run’ – aunto run – is one of the most prolific mobile devices with how well it fits your mechanical characteristics of touch screens. The premise is as simple as addictive: our protagonist moves automatically and we only have to worry about dodging obstacles, jumping platforms and perform all kinds of actions in order to achieve the highest score and distance traveled.

Within this genus have seen all sorts of variations on iOS and Android : We propose a development some very 2D platformer like Rayman Jungle Run , others include all kinds of enhancers, as Jetpack Joyride , and there are those who are committed to provide graphics in 3D and a subjective perspective.

temple run 2 review

One of the most successful games in the latter group is Temple Run , an “endless run ‘that proposes to test our reflexes helping an intrepid archaeologist escape a danger that continues to haunt him, and requiring him to jumping, sliding, making turns at the last minute …

Thanks to the simplicity of its control system and mechanical addictive, which is inevitable “picking” over and over again to try to beat our previous score, Temple Run has achieved no less than 170 million downloads since its launch, so the output of a sequel was matter of time and, finally, it is time to look at all possibilities of Temple Run 2. Let the race begin!

Why change it? Well that’s just what I have had to think Imangi Studios , creators of Temple Run, when addressing this sequel, since from the first game with Temple Run 2 we see that it has opted for a spirit full continuity, and which, at first glance, little has changed from the original, except for the improved technical section of which I’ll discuss later.

So the things, again we stand at the back of a browser that he pursues a monster large and that before that time we say “meow”, is running at full speed through some scenarios that seem taken from the Indiana Jones movies.

A few meters from our career we find the typical elements of the first Temple Run: coins by tilting collect our device to control direction, obstacles to jump by moving your finger up, others go under sliding down and changes of direction that we resolve indicating the direction at the last moment.

So far we have seen that Temple Run 2 is almost a carbon copy of its predecessor, but, fortunately, Imangi Studios has introduced a number of innovations that make this sequel is more complete than the first game.

To start with you have increased the number and design of obstacles to dodge, helping to bring some variety to the matter. Also added some stretches where we travel aboard a wagon that, hey, they have their point.

In turn, there are also new power-ups that we can buy for our runners (there are 2 unlockable) using coins and gems to collect, shields , magnets,  multiplying coins, accelerations Extra… many of these ‘power-ups’ are common to the first game and some are unique to a particular broker, so you have to play enough to get unlock Scarlett Fox or Barry Bones (the other two ‘proto’ a part of Guy Dangerous ) if we want to accelerate the process through the case of micro-payments and get coins pocket itching real.

As in most games free-to-play , get more potent enhancers without spending a penny will take a looooong time, but thanks to the different objectives we will propose the game, like walking a certain distance or collect a number of coins , you can play a long time without falling into monotony.


In this sense contributes the technical section , perhaps one of the points most improved in Temple Run 2, and it boasts a rather more in line with what we’re seeing lately on iOS devices.

The design of the scenarios is much more attractive and varied, have improved the quality of the textures, the different effects and overall fluency and especially animations Dangerous Guy and his fellow ” infinite career “, which are more natural and less “robotic” in the first part.

It is true that the ‘popping’ (or the appearance of distant scenarios “out of the blue”) is still present, but it shows that Imangi Studios has done a good job and Temple Run 2 is far more “nice” aesthetically.

At this point, we can summarize this sequel as a ” more and better “Temple Run (more likely and better technical section), but with a game system strikingly similar to that we all know too well, what it does lose some freshness.

Yes, it appears that the strategy is not going too bad at Imangi Studios, because the game-it takes only a few days in the Apple Store, has beaten the 20 million downloads and earn some revenue figures oeuvres through its micro-payment system.

These figures are really impressive when you consider that the title, for now, only available on iOS devices, since their arrival in Android will occur in the coming days. This Guy Dangerous is a phenomenon!

Score 8/10

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