Symphonica gives you the freedom to becoming the best conductor.


Symphonica announced for iOS devices by Square Enix a new and unique orchestral rhythm action title. Symphonica puts you in the role of Takt, a young conductor desperately attempting to hone the skills of the ramshackle Fayharmonic orchestra. The game goal is to make you the world’s greatest conductor that anyone has ever seen.

Symphonica puts a fresh spin on the music game and gives you the freedom to make something and with the free flowing rhythm action gameplay with a great storyline with music from Beethoven’s Firth.

Details and Pricing

  • Prologue & chapters 1 through 3: Free
  • Chapters 4 and beyond: $2.99 each
  • Package of 4 Chapters (Chapters 4 through 7, Chapters 8 through the Epilogue, Set of bonus episodes): $6.99 each
  • All 12 chapters plus bonus episodes: $14.99 (12 chapters)

You will be able to play Symphonica in your iPad, iPhone3GS, iPhone4 and newer, iPod touch 3rd generation and newer.

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