The Microïds developer released a new trailer for Syberia 3 just a week before the release of the game next week. It will arrive in Europe on April 20 in America and 25 of the same month, both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as a PC.

This title is the third in the series that began in 2002 and continued with Syberia 2 in 2004. It ‘s been 13 years for a new release sees the light and then we provide a short synopsis of what this game.

“After leaving the island, Kate is found on the brink of death on the bank of a river in the Youkole, a nomadic tribe population of snow. Valsembor trapped in the town, you will find their way into a race against enemies and unexpected obstacles, not to mention Kate’s past. Syberia 3 take place in a mysterious and charming universe full of life to explore 3D. “You can read the official description.

Syberia 3 is also in development for Nintendo Switch, although that version of the title does not yet have a release date. Do not miss the new trailer.

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