How to Survive Walkthrough and Wiki Guide


How to Survive Walkthrough will guide you through all the different missions of the game where you will need at all means survive.

How to Survive Walkthrough

Follow the How to Survive Walkthrough in which it will provide you with all the different tips and tricks to completing your own playthrough of the game and show you how you will you survive? To be able to survive in the game you will need to collect the pages of survival and find out. Along the way find food, water, and shelter before you perish. Uh oh, is it getting dark? Figure out how to get through the night! While you’re at it, gather up some of this awesome stuff and piece together over 100 handmade weapons and tools—from shotguns to Molotov cocktails, which you can use to combine and defend yourself from all the different types of zombies attacking you.. 

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What can you do as you watch our video game walkthrough to help you advance through all the different levels as you choose from one of the three characters in the game ach with different characteristics and skill trees. Collect items to survive and play with others online to make it alive even longer. Follow our complete How to Survive walkthrough to get all the best tips, tricks, cheats and strtegy to get you through all the levels in the game.