Strike Suit Zero Walkthrough and Wiki Guide Videos

Strike Suit Zero Walkthrough will take you through the entire playthrough of the game.

strike-suit-zero walkthrough

Strike Suit Zero Walkthrough will guide you from the beginning levels of the game until the end cut scenes of it and provide you with a strategy on completing the entire playthrough of the game. The walkthrough will also give you tips and tricks on how to defeat and survive enemies attacks in the game. As the last defense of man kind you will go against many colonies and different types of enemies to preserve Earth. Follow step by step the walkthrough and if you need any help just see the video guides below to assist you.

About the Game:

Mankind discovers a signal broadcast from somewhere in deep space – how long it’s been transmitting – they don’t know but it is their first contact with something beyond their own world.  For years mankind tries to understand the contents of the signal – eventually when the signal is translated it is found to contain instructions on a new technology that will give mankind the ability to fold space. 

as the earth scientist found what they were looking for everything turned sour and war was the only option for earth to remain. Follow along in the Strike Suit Zero Walkthrough to get a good stragy of the game.

Part 1

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