Strike Suit Zero Review will provide with all the details on what to expect for this game.

Step by step, overcoming each and every one of the tests that have crossed his path, independent study Born Ready Games has finally completed its ambitious development Strike Suit ZeroA great space combat game that very positively surprised by the spectacle and intensity of the battles that recreates, in which we have to demonstrate our expertise in the most extreme combat situations.

Strike Suit Zero review

Much arcade that space simulator, Strike Suit Zero highlights from the first minute of play by the hectic pace of their action, they will not let us even a second of respite from the relentless waves of enemies. Rivals to which we have to deal with various types of ship fairly conventional in terms of its functionality-bombers, heavy fighters … – but among which are also a special combat vehicle.

We talk about the Strike Suit, a ship that stands out for its ability to transform instantly into a powerful combat robot very Japanese style, which should be used to head to emerge victorious from the most dangerous confrontations. And this powerful experimental weapon not only known for its devastating firepower, with guided missiles on a massive scale as the main claim, as does with respect to its maneuverability .

No wonder, in this state we slam on the brakes, run laterally moving us spectacular evasive action or “jumping” back quickly, and even make 180 degree turns to surprise the enemy in the rear. Battle options at this point are frankly high, which greatly improves the gaming experience.

Strike Suit Zero

Such is the degree of freedom given to us in tackling the tasks if necessary, we can fight the enemies with either ship. Detail substantially altering the gameplay given the differences between these vehicles, we can also set up at arms to adapt their arsenal to combat our demands.

We have before us a title with arcade essence, that’s certain, but also talk about a very strategic game. And while we are certainly not at the space action game market more complex, we can not complain about lack of options.
A thrilling war
The control system of Strike Suit Zero works well, though it is sometimes capricious, and the game offers a remarkable variety of combat options but … What are the missionsWell, in this case the program does note, as it offers a long-term war effort (may take about six hours completing it) that does not fade in no time.

And is that the mission design, the hectic pace of the action and spectacle of some of the clashes are a clear example of the good work with this study has given life to Strike Suit Zero. A classic title worthy of those honors, although at certain times in the game we missed something more epic and emotion that we live at the time with these titles.

Strike Suit Zero  

Fight against enemy fighters, escort missions, desperate assaults enormous battle stations in the worst possible conditions, the destruction of ballistic missiles before they reach their goals, impossible battles against several dozen cruise ships and around … if you are looking for fast-paced action, it is clear that the program Born Ready Games is your game.

But we also talk about a title with a good plot, lots of side quests that will influence the course of action by changing the outcome of the work, and defiant challenges to be overcome as we complete the 13 missions of the campaign to unlock upgrades for our ships. Fundamental to survive the last level of story mode, in which the difficulty will grow exponentially. One detail that we liked anything as there are certain imbalances in complicating action, sometimes in excess and so undeserved, our survival.
Galactic Spectacle
Nor can we ignore the good work carried out with artificial intelligence, more from enemies than allies, they are quite soft in general. Another one of those details that eventually we complicate the existence in the more advanced levels, in which we can die in seconds if we walk with eyes. And it is this extreme difficulty at such point of departure which debunks the good work carried out in the other sections of the game. As we always say, we like that make us suffer, the games are difficult, but not unfairly.
Strike Suit Zero
If we add to this a lack of variety in the development of the action, it is clear that Strike Suit Zero has been a tad below expectations. Yet, as we have emphasized throughout this analysis, is a space action game highly recommended by the spectacle and intensity of some of his battles.
Strike Suit Zero stands as a good galactic shooter game and provides you with much contact to enjoy.
Score 8/10
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