Need Help Broadcasting?

To begin broadcasting your going to need the RTMP URL.


You will also need a stream name your stream name will be your username plus password. You will need to enter it like the format below replacing username and password with your own.


Some capture card require an applications to stream the most common tools for broadcasting your games. For a more in-depth exploration of optimization or help with troubleshooting, visit the Support Forum.

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Commonly Used Broadcast Tools




Optimized for and used by gamers all over the world, XSplit is a straightforward way to get your gameplay online in minutes.

Download Setup Guide

Open Broadcast Software


Free and open source software for recording and live streaming. Source code is available to everyone to contribute and improve.

Download Setup Guide



Professional live production software. Has support for multiple cameras, additional media, chroma key, titles, transitions and much more.

Download Setup Guide

Happy Streaming!

GamerFuzion believes in a open partnership meaning you can start earning money and rewards right away.

As a gamerfuzion broadcaster, you will earn a share of the revenue generated from the videos you broadcast. We take care of everything: you just collect a check.

Premium broadcasting Solutions:

We offer our top broadcasters the ability to earn additional revenue from a flexible CPM split.

We offers a premium experience that can include exclusive access to betas, Early access to games, Early streaming of games before embargo, HD streams, and broadcasting solutions for improved streaming.

Premium broadcasters will be featured on the streaming landing page for better exposure.

Social Promotion: Allows broadcaster to promote their stream on twitter, facebook, and gamerfuzion all from one location, no need to visit multiple sites.

Social Interaction: Allows broadcaster to reply to messages from facebook, twitter and gamerfuzion all from one location, no need to visit multiple sites.

Social Linking: Allows broadcaster to link all their social accounts Facebook,Twitter, YouTube and GamerFuzion.

Comment Feed: One of the most active when streaming, our fully-featured comment section is used by both viewers and broadcasters. Chat gives the community a way to communicate in real-time and interact around your live broadcasts.

Custom Branding: Allows broadcaster to customize their stream with their own brand.

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