Creative wants to set new standards in the field of high-end gaming headset soon. In July and August four units of the new EVO series, which feature the top models of its own brand of sound chip SoundBlaster SB-Axx1 appear.What for?

Both the Sound Blaster EVO ZXR as well as the Sound Blaster EVO Zx are getting this processor, which will seriously improve the sound quality in real time. Together with the powerful drivers to be built with great acoustics here. In addition to Crystal Voice joins for optimum noise reduction for video calls or multiplayer communication. The ear pads will still be comfortable even after long sessions, the integrated battery lasts anyway stand up to 8 hours.

Sound Blaster ZXR EVO

Interesting are the other features of both models. Thanks to Bluetooth connection you can have the ZXR EVO and EVO Zx connect to a PC, Mac or even a smartphone or tablet coupled with iOS or Android. For both mobile OS’s also appropriate apps for customizing settings. Thanks NFC headsets you can watch the match easily with suitable devices – a fine thing!

The biggest difference between these two Headets their place at the drivers used. The Sound Blaster EVO ZXR uses 50mm speakers, the EVO Zx to 40mm. Whether that justifies the price difference of 70 That you have to decide for yourself.

According to the official website there’s no other relevant differences. Upon request, you are allowed to use both headphones and a USB cable, or even to analog audio devices corresponding lines are included. The virtual 7.1. – But only sound you get on your home computer. Consoles are not directly supported – shame really.

Are this headset too expensive, you can alternatively view the entry-level versions of the EVO series more accurate. EVO Wireless is connected via Bluetooth and 3.5mm jack audio devices with the normal Soundblaster EVO variant via USB to a PC or Mac.

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