Sniper Elite V2 adds two new DLC packs through Steam


Sniper Elite V2 has added 2 DLC  Pack for the Multiplayer mode.

sniper elite v2

Sniper Elite V2 a game dedicated to only the multiplayer, the game that is for the the sniper in mind give you two different choices to add to the game. Even though the game did not get high marks when it was release it still was a game to enjoy while going through all the mission. One of them is the Dog Tag Harvest Mode and the other is the Neudorf outpost which is a single player campaign and it also comes with some collectibles for those that love finding stuff. You will need to collect dog tags from enemy kills. The other DLC pack you will need to eliminate three other German general and now you will get to use a machine gun. So hear over to steam and get it today if this is your game. Are you getting this DLC ? If so let us know what you think about it.