Sniper Elite 4 Collectibles, will help you find all Letters, Sniper Reports and Stone Eagles Locations

In this guide will provide you withing the Sniper Elite 4 collectibles Letters, sniper reports and Stone Eagles locations that are through out the entire game and through each of the missions that you complete in it. If you miss one, you can reference to our guide that will  help you find all the collectibles (Letters and Sniper Reports, stone eagles) in the game.

When you collect all last letters in the game you will unlock the Collector achievements or trophy in the game and if you find all the sniper reports then you will unlock the greatest hits achievement or trophy in the game.

There are various other collectibles in the game such Deadeye Targets, lost Letters, Documents, Duty Rosters. Unlocking all those collectibles in the game will help you advance in the game. As you collect all the Sniper Elite 4 Collectibles in the game you will see a counter that tells you how many of each of the collectible items you have found in the game. If you miss any, you can always repeat the mission and try to find all the collectibles in the corresponding missions.

One good tips in finding all the Sniper Elite 4 Collectibles in the game is when you kill the enemy with your sniper you will notice that each will carry a collectible with them. Some can be letters or reports or any other type of collectible. Other collectibles in SE4 can be found in different areas of the game as you advance through the different missions in the game.

In the video below you it will show you all the different collectibles that are in each of the missions of the game.

Sniper Elite 4 San Celini Island Collectibles Guide (Letters, Eagles, Documents, Reports, Rosters)

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