Sleeping Dogs Favors Mission Locations Guide

Sleeping Dogs Favors Mission Locations Guide

The Sleeping Dogs Missions will help you get through all the mini side missions and show you all the locations.

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The Sleeping Dogs Favors Mission will help you to get through all the different locations where Wei needs to go to do all the favors in the game. The Favors Mission is the longest of all the side missions that are in the game. All the favors will be asked by people that Wei knows due to his reputation. The missions can be from taking care of someone, or a cop, or just dating  ladies that Wei meets throughout the story of the game. The Sleeping Dogs Favors Mission can be dangerous or can be harmless like posing for t-shirt for a photographer. Follow all the favors and the location below as you will need to complete all 36 favors during the game to complete it. When  you complete all favors missions you will go on your way to unlocking the rookie, officer, detective, chief inspector achievements and trophies.


Security Camera Locations
Health Shines Locations
Lock Boxes Locations
Jade Statues Locations
Safehouse Upgrades Locations 
Vehicles Locations
Clothes Stores Locations

Sleeping Dogs Favors Mission Locations


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