The Sleeping Dogs guide will help you locate all the martial arts club locations that are throughout the game.

sleeping dogs

Sleeping dogs comes with four Martial arts club locations that you will nee to visit that just opened. You will test your skills against all the other students in the school.  Wei will need to test his skills at each school and survive by using everything you have in your hand to hand combat. You can see the four club listed below, their locations and rewards. Above you can find the video guide for all the locations of the martial arts club in sleeping dogs and after you complete all four you will receive the martial law achievement and trophy. Once you complete the martial arts clubs you will finish the job for locating all the clubs in HK.

martial arts club locations

1. Martial Arts Club in  North Point and the reward is HK $15000, Shen Zen Outfit

2. Martial Arts Club in Central and the reward is HK $30000, Manhattan Melee Outift

3. Martial Arts Club in Kennedy Town and the reward is HK $60000, Hog Pen Row Oufit

4. Martial Arts Club in Aberdeen and the reward is HK $150000, the Bon Gak Outfit


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