Sledgehammer Hints next Call of Duty 2017 Game “zodiac year of the Hammer”


Although Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite did not have the success of its predecessors , the truth is that the title was acquired by a large number of players . That’s why we know that Activision does not plan to stop that machine, and Sledgehammer has already begun hinting at the next franchise title.

As you may recall, 3 studies are in charge of the series Call of Duty . We have Infinity Ward launched in 2016 Infinite Warfare ; Treyarch precedes with Black Ops III , who arrived in 2015; and the new member, Sledgehammer, which in 2014 launched Advanced Warfare . Well, for obvious reasons, in 2017 it is the turn of this last team, who launched a kind of teaser to make it clear that they are prepared to return to the battlefield.

It’s officially 2017! Some call it the zodiac year of the Hammer. Have a safe and fun New Year’s, everyone!

What can this tweet mean by Sledgehammer? Who is next up this year for the next Call of Duty game.

Some fans have already started with theories. Some suggest that the game will happen in the past, others believe that England will be the main stage because of the sound of the bell, referring to Big Ben and others believe that simply is Advanced Warfare 2 .