Skyrim Hearthfire will help you locate the Quarried Stone and Clay through out the DLC.


To help locate all the Quarried Stone and Clay in Skyrim see the video guide above to help you locate them and have unlimited supply of it. As you can see is located by the rocks north of the house where you can find both of them laying on them. Once you find them you will have the unlimited supply of it to use it for your own needs. Follow along the Skyrim Hearthfire guides to help you find all the locations of the different items that you will need to collect during the game. Also take a look at the entire Skyrim Walkthrough for some tips and hints to completing the entire DLC and to find collectibles during the game and it will provide you a way to unlock all the five different achievements during the game.

Quarried Stone and Clay Stone Quarry in Dawnstar
Skyrim: Hearthfire - Where To Find Quarried Stone and Clay
Skyrim: Hearthfire - Stone Quarry in Dawnstar

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