Skyrim Dragonborn Bloodskal Blade Location Guide


Skyrim Dragonborn Bloodskal Blade Location will help you unlock this blade.

Skyrim Dragonborne Bloodskal BladeSkyrim Dragonborne Bloodskal Blade

In Skyrim Dragonborn Bloodskal Blade Location is at the final descent, where you will be able to get the blade. Follow the complete step by step guide ot acquire the bloodskal blade.

Complete the side-quest, “The Final Descent” to get your hands on this weapon. To start the quest, talk to Crescius Caerellius in the Raven Rock Mine. You may have to complete some other quests for him first to reach this one.
Travel into the mine, you’ll eventually find the blade while on the quest. But, finishing the quest isn’t so easy. After finding the blade, you’ll need to leave through a massive door.

To solve this puzzle, you’ll need to use the Blade’s special power. Standing still or moving forward and using a power attack will launch a vertical energy blast, while moving backward of left and right while launch a horizontal energy blast.
Look at the arch around the massive door. There are red slits in vertical or horizontal configurations all over the door. All you need to do is match your energy blasts with the red slits. More will appear as you solve the puzzle, so keep looking out.
Once the puzzle is solved, you can keep this unique weapon for yourself.


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