The Shad’O Walkthrough will guide you through the entire gameplay by providing you with the best strategy.


The Shad’O walkthrough will guide you through all the levels of the game in which you will need to go through unique tower defense that will have you go through colored and dreamlike universe, made of a mix of pieces of memories emotions and feelings in which you will try to help a boy recover his memory. You will need to follow the entire walkthrough of the game that will allow you to find ways to help the boy along you will get some tips and hints to completing the entire playthrough of the game.

William, a 9 year old boy, finds himself into a strange world, confused and not knowing what to do. Not knowing how he arrived into this mysterious but familiar place, he quickly realizes that he will have to struggle not to sink into oblivion. To discover what happened he will have to face the deepest fears concealing his memories and helping him resolve it. Follow the guide step by step in each level of the game to find all the necessary clues and much more.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
 Shad'O Walkthrough Part 1 Introduction  Shad'O Walkthrough Part 2  Shad'O Walkthrough Part 3  Shad'O Walkthrough Part 4
Part 5 Part 6
 Shad'O Walkthrough Part 5 Mini Game  Shad'O Walkthrough Part 6

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