Follow the video guides below which will show you where all the locations are for the Saint Row The Third drug packages are located. Or you can follow the guide in written format if you prefer. If you need more tips, tricks, achievements or trophies then take a look at the saints row the third walkthrough.

Saints Row The Third Drug Package Locations

Saints Row The Third Drug Package 1 – 4 Saints Row The Third Drug Package 5 – 6 Saints Row The Third Drug Package 7 – 11 Saints Row The Third Drug Package 12 – 17
Saints Row The Third Drug Packages 01-04. Saints Row The Third Drug Packages 05-06. Saints Row The Third Drug Packages 07-11. Saints Row The Third Drug Packages 12-17.
Saints Row The Third Drug Package 18 – 20      
Saints Row The Third Drug Packages 18-20.      
  1. Drug Package – Follow the road one block southwest from the second Meth Lab, in the northern section of the western island of Steelport. Look in the backyards of the block of suburban homes to find this drug package.
  2. Drug Package – South of Friendly Fire (The gun store in the norther section of the western island of Steelport.) drive south down the road and stop just as you pass under the bridge. Check the roof west of the road with a flying vehicle.
  3. Drug Package – Move west down the street from Planet Saints (The clothing store in the norther section of the western island of Steelport.) and search the roofs of the buildings south of the road — and only the buildings just off the road leading from Planet Saints to the Organ Blackmarket. The package is on the roof, you’ll need a flying vehicle to reach it.
  4. Drug Package – East of the previous drug package, actually closer to the Planet Saints, you’ll find the package on a shipping container, still south of the same road.
  5. Drug Package – In the same block as Shaundi’s Ex’s place, you’ll need to search for a hidden cave up at the top of a cliff. Use a flying vehicle like a Specter to fly up to the rock ledge and land safely to discover the hidden cave. The package is inside the cave.
  6. Drug Package – South of Shaundi’s Ex’s place, you’ll find a cliff looking over the water. It’s a straight shot south to the cliff, use a Specter to reach the cave, hidden by a tree.
  7. Drug Package – West of the southeastern island’s Friendly Fire, you’ll find a concrete dock underneath the bridge. Search inbetween the shipping containers to find this drug package.
  8. Drug Package – Take off west from Handy J’s Tube and Lube one block. South of the road, search the backlots of the first square block of buildings.
  9. Drug Package – Behind a garage, underneath the split highway/bridge moving north from the Chupacabra Casino.
  10. Drug Package – Start your search in the southwestern island of Steelport. There are three bridges moving east. Search the shore building roofs between the central and top of the three bridges on your map. This is a roof package, you’ll need a flying vehicle.
  11. Drug Package – From the previous package, move south to the shore below the three bridges. From this dock, search the concrete alcoves looking over the water.
  12. Drug Package – On the skybridge between the two large buildings in the center of the central island of Steelport.
  13. Drug Package – South of those two buildings you’ll find the park. Follow the winding road to the center-eastern edge of the park, it’s just on the grassy ground.
  14. Drug Package – Find the Planet Saints in the central island of Steelport. From there, you’ll find the package just south behind the first set of buildings you see.
  15. Drug Package – West of Saints HQ, cross the street and search behind the the first buildings you reach.
  16. Drug Package – In the eastern island of Steelport, look on the western shore of the island between the two major bridges. Along the shore, on the map, you should spot two blocks of buildings surrounded by roads between the two bridges/highways. Search the alley behind the buildings in the lower of the two blocks.
  17. Drug Package – Cross the street north from Curly’s Chop Shop and search behind the buildings.
  18. Drug Package – In the northeast corner of the eastern island, you’ll find a large bay. Off the shore, there are huge stacks of shipping containers. Look in the gaps between the containers to find your package.
  19. Drug Package – Move south one block for the previous drug package. Search the backlots of the buildings to find the next package.
  20. Drug Package – Find the church in the easternmost island of Steelport, the drug package is sitting near the front entrance, up the stone steps.

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