Rusty Hearts Reborn Walkthrough Strategy Guide


Rusty Hearts Reborn Walkthrough will guide you through all the levels of the MMO game.

Rusty Hearts Reborn

Rusty Hearts Reborn is the action award winner MMO game that will keep you busy through the complete campaign. You will be guided through the beginning levels of the this fast pace anime brawler that include new dungeons with new bosses and challenges that you will need to overcome in this PC game.

In the walkthrough you will see how the new weapons that focuses with the skills that each character possesess will give you plenty to get in the right direction. So if you want to get good at this game and take advantage of the weekly reward in you rank high in the pvp then watch the complete Rusty Hearts Reborn Walkthrough to get a good strategy.

Rusty Hearts Reborn will also help you complete dozens of new quests for both new and existing characters given from a variety of allies and the ability to Level a new character up to 20 gives you options.

Part 1 – Rustic Tutorial Prologue Part 2 – Into the Canals Part 3 – Retracing our Steps Part 004 – Direct Comparisons
Rusty Hearts [HD] - Part 001 - Rustic Tutorial Prologue
Rusty Hearts [HD] - Part 002 - Into the Canals
Rusty Hearts [HD] - Part 003 - Retracing our Steps
Rusty Hearts [HD] - Part 004 - Direct Comparisons
Part 5 – Giant Enemy Lobster Part 6 – Barrels O’ Fun Part 7 – Sunlighty Forest Part 8 – Tree Hunting with FIRE!
Rusty Hearts [HD] - Part 005 - Giant Enemy Lobster
Rusty Hearts [HD] - Part 006 - Barrels O' Fun
Rusty Hearts [HD] - Part 007 - Sunlighty Forest
Rusty Hearts [HD] - Part 008 - Tree Hunting with FIRE!
Part 9 – Fairy Bad Gardening Part 10 – More Wine! Part 11 – Spirits & Sewers
Rusty Hearts [HD] - Part 009 - Fairy Bad Gardening
Rusty Hearts [HD] - Part 010 - More Wine!
Rusty Hearts [HD] - Part 011 - Spirits & Sewers