Before starting with the alleged details, I must clarify something very important. This is a rumor and is based on the “report” of a supposedly reliable source regarding Zelda Wii U . Communicate this information because, whether true or not, Zelda is very brave and loyal fans. Here it is, as such, rumored information. You be the judge of the truth. To begin, the source notes that the first dungeon is a huge forest larger than the whole of Hyrule Field Ocarina of Time .

Although my personal opinion suggests that it is a fabrication, we think you readers have a right to make their own assessment and discuss whether the rumor is substantiated or not. I will give my full review once the information has been exposed.

Zelda Wii U

 Visual Style

I know many want a Zelda more “realistic” (?). However, the rumor says that the art direction is very similar to Skyward Sword , Nintendo thinks it has found a middle ground between the tastes of casual gamers and hardcore (?). This does not mean that the game is not in HD. In fact, apparently is a new engine that is designed exclusively for the title. The scale is so enormous that Nintendo apparently others are using technology as Umbra.


Nintendo, supposedly, is embarking on the biggest adventure of development in its history. The cells will be enormous and will be divided into three parts. Want players to spend hours and hours solving them. The scale is such that one of the first is greater than the vast Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time , as he had said. It specifies the unique storage system Wii U which has a capacity of 25 GB to hold the entire game. In this forest, use the gamepad to avoid traps, follow leads and more. The traditional structure of the cell is diluted a bit, but, if true, is exciting to think of a cell consisting of a maze of trees that have to go through with the help of your control. In theory, there are control features that were implemented because the Zelda development team thought he could do interesting things with them.


I will say this very cautiously. It is assumed that the level of production falls short of Rockstar Games. The game will, as usual, minigames and side missions. None of this is planned yet. The soundtrack will be orchestrated and ignore if voice acting or what it will be history. As I noted further back, supposedly the dungeons are huge and take advantage of the unique ways Gamepad. Think of this as the items that help you solve every dungeon past game, but imagine it as a new feature on your gamepad. The idea is that as Skyward Sword set the standard for motion-controlled games, this Zelda do the same with the Gamepad.

Supposedly, under the direction of Eiji Aonuma, hundreds of people working on it since 2010. The estimated development cycle is four years and is the most expensive game that Nintendo has developed in its history.

Personal Conclusion

The original text is littered with phrases that make me doubt this rumor. Things like “have things that will be copied for years” and abuse of “ever”, I do think that this is a very passionate fan of Nintendo and Zelda. But hey, we grant the right to doubt and, especially, did not want to take away from you the opportunity to judge and discuss how real or fake is all this information.

Truth or lie?

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