Shinobi602 , a renowned insider has leaked accurate information on past occasions, said Crackdown 3 , exclusive to Xbox One and PC, has developmental problems.

In a matter of NeoGAF where discussed the cancellation of Scalebound , Shinobi602 revealed that according to his sources, the development of Crackdown 3 is not going quite right. However, he said that does not mean that he is in a situation similar to that of the Platinum Games game.

Later, Shinobi602 said in his Twitter account that Crackdown 3 “is safe” and that everything goes well. So it seems that his comment indicated that the scale of the game as well as its ambitious ideas make its development complicated, but nothing that puts the project in danger.

Importantly , Microsoft said Crackdown in March as one of the premieres that owners of an Xbox One can expect in 2017 in the press cancellation Scalebound . There, the distributor named with titles like Halo Wars 2 , State of Decay 2 and Sea of Thieves .

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