There are viruses that never die, and one of them is the saga Resident Evil revelations, after becoming one of the essential titles for 3DS, , delivering better appreciated in recent times, adheres to the appellant fashion HD conversions. Take a look at the Resident Evil Revelations Review and find out how much more improved the game is in a console. Also take a look at our walkthrough to help you through all the tough missions.

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Without going to the tone of “survival horror” of his forefathers, on the last shoot of the series is as close to a return to origins that require long time fans with scratches of despair, thanks to a gloomy atmosphere. The game is played, for the most part, in the Queen Zenobia, a cruise ship stranded in the Mediterranean, at night, with many nods to the past: to the mansion we visited in 1996 to Raccoon City, Nemesis … The story is set in the year 2005, somewhere between the events of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. There are several jumps in time and space, so that the plot includes some flash-back to get in position.

There are six major characters: Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Luciana Parker, Keith Lumley, Jessica Sherawat and Quint Cetchman. In the first four, the control at some point in the adventure, although the greater role it is up to Jill and Chris, who were chosen for the premiere of the series, back in 1996. For both, it is their third headlining role, as Jill also starred in the third installment numbered, while Chris did the same in the fifth. The objective is to find clues Veltro a bioterrorist organization which is believed defeated and that seems to be reemerging from the ashes. As members of the BSAA NGOs, must track her viral.

The development of Resident Evil Revelations continues the saga contemporary canons, with a primacy of action ballistics. The control uses a third-person camera, located at the back of the character, making it very comfortable to walk the stage and turning in search of keys with which to break new ground. The bullets are not scarce, but there are times when it is advisable to shake off the BOW, just in case. In this sense, those infected are closer classic zombies of “grazing” of the last trilogy. There are also some other puzzle, although they are as scarce as easy to solve, they are simple electrical circuits must rebuild to open certain doors.


The campaign consists of twelve chapters and lasts around ten hours with the same development as in 3DS, including the fact of receiving a score at the end of each section. Understandably, but almost always there are two characters in partnership, not included cooperative option. Powered by the AI, our partner or feel or suffer: ignore enemies (not have to worry about keeping him alive or cure) and of beating the trigger does quite disdain.

Resident-Evil-Revelations review

The T-Abyss virus is the game’s protagonist. As usual in the series, not only infected three to fourth (BOW graceless and everlasting Hunters), but also a handful of bosses, which greatly resemble some of those who lit the T-Virus in the first deliveries. So, we will find that we will pursue an enemy for several sub chapters. As much as we shoot him, will rise again, as did Nemesis in Resident Evil 3.

The repertoire of things we can unlock is enormous, twelve characters, costumes, weapons, items, skills … Many of them are bought with points in the store, but others are obtained as a reward for overcoming missions or getting certain bonuses.


Visual appearance remodeled in HD is remarkable, especially in regards to lighting effects and modeling characters. View some rooms of Queen Zenobia with lamps that cast a dim light is almost like going back to the mansion of Umbrella of the first installment of the series.


Now, note that there are details that have moved from 3DS somewhat lightly. For example, when entering certain rooms, our character is often open the door, close it and let out the mate, who, a couple of seconds later, you have to open it again to continue our steps. Scenes like this and other could have been avoided but we wont spoil the scenes for you.


Not many, but this HD version includes minor changes with respect to the 3DS version. First, the campaign features a new difficulty mode called Hell , where the enemies are harder and abundant, and which varies the location of some objects. Second, there is a new enemy to Assault mode and one for the campaign, dubbed Wall Blister, which is able to send us to the cemetery with a single blow. Third, Assault mode has two new playable characters: Rachel and Hunk.

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The game with its new HD Features and new modes and much improved audio and graphics make this game a one that you have to play. With the co-op mode and the different modes you will be busy for some time.

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