Resident Evil 6 Movie Release Date

Resident Evil 6 Movie Release Date

If you saw Resident Evil Vengeance, then you already knew there would be a sixth, well, we know when it will be released and that maybe be the last Resident Evil Movie.

$221 million where maded form the fifth installment of Resident Evil world wide, a substantial amount has gotten from Paul WS Anderson  preparing for the Resident Evil 6  at full speed, surely starting again Milla Jovovich . And that despite the unfavorable reviews. Sony has already confirmed officially that is expected to premiere on September 12, 2014.

resident evil 6 milla jovovich

Anderson will beresponsible for producing and directing the film after finishing the filming Pompeii , the next project in the short term, to narrate the epic adventure of a  slave who risks his life to save his lover and his best friend, a gladiator who was trapped in the Coliseum due to the violent eruption of Vesuvius. Of course shot in 3D and will feature  Kit Harington  for the titles role. The actor, known for his role as John Snow in the acclaimed fiction Game of Thrones , never stops working. Besides taking part in  Silent Hill: Revelation 3D , is one of the protagonists of the adaptation of  The Apprentice spectrum  and lends his voice to a character in  How to Train Your Dragon 2 , to be released in the month of June next year.

The rumors, as always, come about the cast doubt, who will be in sixth installment of Resident Evil?

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