Resident Evil 6 all Serpent Emblems Locations Guide


The Resident Evil 6 guide will help you in finding all the locations of the Serpent Emblems.

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Resident Evil 6 comes with about 80 Serpent Emblems that need to be collected during the three different gameplays.  You will find all the serpent Emblems locations in the Leon, Chris and Jake gameplays. Once you gather all the Serpent Emblems you will unlock the Heirlooms achievement and trophy. Resident Evil 6 brings in Leon which we saw him last in part 4, now he comes back and we see him in front of the situations going through different missions in the game. Follow the complete Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems guide above to find all 80. Below you can find all the different Serpent Emblems locations that can be found in all the 4 different campaigns that are throughout the game. Follow Along all the videos to find all the serpent emblems locations for each character.


Leon Walkthrough
Jake Walkthrough
Chris Walkthrough
Serpent Emblems Locations

Emblems locations for Leon and Helena Emblems Locations for Chris and Piers Emblems Locations for Jake EmblemsLocationsforAdaWong
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