Resident Evil 6 Ada Wong walkthrough will guide you through all the objectives in the game for her.

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Follow along Resident Evil 6 Ada Wong campaign walkthrough that you get to unlock as soon as you complete the main three co-op missions in the game. After you unlock the Ada Wong campaign you will be taken in a single player campaign that is full of stategic ways and full of puzzles that Wong need to complete. Follow the entire Resident Evil 6 Ada Wong Campaign to find all the unlockables and collectibles that are in the game for her campaign. She is a single player campaign and it will take you less than 8 hour to complete the entire game. Follow all the details, tips, hints and all to complete the Ada Wong Walkthrough in resident Evil 6. Her Campaign is similar to Leon’s as she will need to use a bow and arrows to complete her missions in the game which make is very hard and at the same time you need to be on top of your game to survive her mission.


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Chapter 1 – Submarine Secrets Chapter 2 – A Game for Two Chapter 3 – The Chinese connection  Chapter 4 – Revelation at sea
RE6 Ada Wong Campaign Walkthrough Chapter 1 Submarine Secrets HD 360 PS3 RE6 Ada Wong Campaign Walkthrough Chapter 2 A Game For Two HD 360 PS3 RE6 Ada Wong Campaign Walkthrough Chapter 3 The Chinese Connection HD 360 PS3 RE6 Ada Wong Campaign Walkthrough Chapter 4 Revelation at Sea HD 360 PS3


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