The Remember me Review will take you through the new game in which capcom hopes to make this game one of the best for this year.

Remember Me Review

Capcom invites us to travel with Remember Me , to a future in which people’s memories are currency exchange mega corporations. The argument, a priori, it has all the elements necessary to engage. It’s set in the year 2084 , in a spectacular setting, Neo-Paris , a version decadent and semi ruined city of light. We started well, right?

You can not miss an evil mega corporation called Memorize that, besides having submitted to the people, the memories stole our heroine, Nilin . We have the help of a group of rebels, terrorists that overthrow even pretend Memorize making use of our valuable help. Why? Because we are able to steal and alter the memory of any person.

The alternative development melee and areas during most of the game, but also a few puzzles and original features such as memory remixes .

Memory Hunter

We have three ways to manipulate the memory of the people of Neo-Paris. The first, and most original are remixes memory of which I spoke earlier. We envision the memories of a person like a movie. Anytime we can move forward or backward playback to search for objects with which we interact.

Depending on our choices can change what happened, for better or worse, getting exactly the opposite of what we intended. It’s a very interesting idea, but there are few examples along the adventure and maybe they could have had more options and alternative endings to each situation.  

We can also steal memories to get the access codes to a fortress or get information to the rebels, for example. The remembranas memories help us to realize some characters, reliving all the steps taken to avoid falling into a minefield or be discovered by a troop of surveillance drones, for example.

Nilin , as I have explained, has a number of skills, though, the moment of truth, he has no choice but to take a walk fists to be understood. The combat system reminds the series titles like Batman Arkham . As if we were the Man-Bat or Spider-Man himself, we can dodge the blows of our competitors to see the timely exclamation on the heads of enemies, warns us of impending danger. The problem is that I have simplified so much that not even have to press a certain direction to dodge successfully.  

System combos is, at first, very interesting. As you gain experience you can get different shots heal, to harm rivals, to recover the time we need to re-use a special power or multiply the effect of previous shocks. Thus, we can create our own sequences of strokes . There are 4 combos available, but with predefined movements. We only choose the effect that will have each of the hits of this combo. Once unlocked all the possibilities increase, but do not matter much shock we use, because the difficulty of fighting is very low.

The fights against bosses , not very numerous, have some more crumbs, but are also facile. One idea that we liked is the robots. We can beat these rivals, so we have to use some sort of gun or our special abilities, increasing the strategic component of struggles.


Special skills

We have 5 skills in Remember Me special, we unlock to unlock the adventure. sensen Fury serves to hurt them more resistant enemies, chaining combos of 10 or more hits. Camouflage sensen makes us invisible for a while , allowing us to kill an enemy with one blow, the overload. 

Gradual Oxide is our favorite because it lets us control one of the enemy robots, which will be shooting at his former colleagues and then self-destruct with a bang. logic bomb is a real bargain. We put an explosive on an enemy, which appeals to other rivals and makes them explode. With Sensen DOS can stun enemies and discover those who are wearing camouflage, which also exist.

To use these powers we have to gather the concentration tollinas giving or receiving them enough. The typical mediate activated, and comfortable conference powers. Of course, we also have to wait a few seconds before using them again.



Along with the fighting, the exploration forms the core gameplay of Remember Me . Nilin can climb to all kinds of projections, piping, etc. … jump from one to another, etc. … The trouble is that the freedom we have is … What shall I say? Ah, yes! Very similar to Guantanamo. At all times we have pointed the way forward, which simplifies exploration to primary levels. Still, there are a few collectibles to find though, as you will read below, it is not very difficult nor satisfactory look.

In addition, the camera , following the tradition “capcomera” is stuck at a point, to show an even clearer way not only the way to go but that’s the only way we can take. For example, and for all to understand it better, we can be hanging from a ledge and having two protrusions on both sides exactly the same. Well, chances are that only one is a passable road. disaster in freedom of exploration and level design.


Sound and Graphics

If there is something you can not criticize Dontnod is that they have done a spectacular job in the technical section. Graphics are not a revolution, but the engine is very solid with no faults. The artistic design is very elaborate, especially the design of the characters and certain locations, but get the feeling that some are much more elaborate than others.

The soundtrack takes the cake in this section. The mix of electronic music and film music is perfect. Rarely do we say that the music of a game invite us, in some part, to advance the adventure, but with Remember Me happens.

Remember me is a game full of different types of activities in the game, such as solving puzzles, great combat actions, music, tough bosses but Capcom seems to fall a little short on how to best take advantage of these types of game.


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