Red Johnson’s Chronicles walkthrough will guide you through all the different puzzles and missions during the game.

red johnsons chronicles

The Red Johnson’s Chronicles walkthrough will guide you through all the unique puzzle which you will need to investigate as one of the private investigators in Metropolis city. You will be going through the different puzzles in the game to solver who is after you and your brother. During the game you will need to use your fist along with you will be using your persuasion skills and your fists to make it through the game.

The game is based on a point and click action adventure game that you will need to investigate for different types of environments with clues to find out what really happen. To get through the game you will need to highlight items on the screen with your controller and once you got it then you move on.

Follow the complete Red Johnson’s Chronicles walkthrough to get all the tips and hints on completing the missions. Now if you seem to get stuck and come across object of interest, the game will zoom in on the object and let you manipulate in a 3D space. There, you can use a magnifying glass to search for clues. You can also interact with the object which can sometimes require you to shake the controller. If you are ever stuck on a puzzle, you can buy a hint from your informant.

Part 1
 Red Johnson's chronicles walkthrough pt. 1 " intro and somebody try to kill"

Red Johnson’s Chronicles Walkthrough Strategy Guide

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