Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One against all is a puzzle-based investigation game, that will immerse you in a Noir World.

Red Johnson's Chronicles review

Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One Against All Review

In this world you take on the role of Red Johnson Chronicles, One of the best private investigators in Metropolis City. Red who has recently gained fame due to his case solving abilities, now has a $150,000 Dollar price tag on his head, and by no other than Uncle Teddy, The Godfather of all GodFathers, and a legend in the world of crime.

And when you think it couldn’t get any worse, Red finds out his brother has been abducted.You will need to use your wit, persuasion skills and your fists to get to the bottom of this investigation and free your brother from captivity.

In this 6 to 8 hour long puzzle-based investigation, you’ll discover a world in which everything is dark, sharp and deadly. Even humor. Find clues, interview witnesses and suspects and try to push them over the edge. To do so, you’ll have to solve tricky puzzles; and as workout is always good for health, you’ll find good occasions to use your muscles.


The gameplay is just like every other point and click game, simply move the curser around the screen to find clues, puzzles or documents.

You get 2 simple but vital tools when searching an area for clues, The magnifying glass and the UV lamp.. your also allowed to maneuver the camera with the left and right analog sticks to get a better view or angle on the item or object your observing.

After you have collected a clue you can analyse it with the analyzer in your hideout, This very handy machine gives you an in-depth look at the object and provides vital information that could help you solve your current objective. With the analyzer you can remove fingerprints among other things from objects and compare 2 different clues with each other.

You can easily jump from locations from the map provided in the select menu, or you can view information on clues or people you came across.. If your stuck on an objective you can buy information from informants in the objectives Tab, this will provide you with everything you need, to do to complete that objective.
Once you start a puzzle you cannot back out of it unless you fail, quit or complete it, When you fail or quite a puzzle it will be marked as a try on the completion of it, which determines your grade and the amount of cash you recieve from it, Paying Saul for help also reflects on your grade.

You will also be required to perform quick time events in some cut scenes like fighting.



Sometimes the puzzles won’t take the right answer.

The story is a little slow starting off.

Saul’s tips can be pretty vague sometimes.

The music that comes on when Saul is giving tips can get irritating.



There’s no need to play the first one get into this game.

The story gets better as it progresses.

Using the tools and piecing everything together is pretty cool.



The graphics were pretty nice for a downloadable game, although it looked kind of pixelated and blurry in some places.



The voice overs from the main characters (Red, Saul) was great but the rest of the characters were touch and go. The background noise was well done, i have no real comments on the sound other than voice overs from a few of the characters.


Final Thoughts

Overall it was a pretty good game, at times the puzzles would get a bit frustrating and you would need a pen & paper at hand. If you like problem solving or puzzles then this game would great for you, but if your easily frustrated or poor at maths then you would struggle with some puzzles.

Depending on how you do with the puzzles this game could easily double in length. It’s definitely worth it’s price of $10, story is solid and it’s fun once you solve those puzzles.



Gamerfuzion gives Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One Against All  a 3.5 out of 5. (7/10)

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