Follow the complete Rainbow Moon Walkthrough that will guide you through all the steps, levels and quests of the game in where you will be fighting against different types of enemies such as Monsters. In the walkthrough you will be able to explore different quests in the game game and this Strategy RPG game will take you through the all the levels and collectibles of the game.

You will need to collect sever magical artifacts in order to have a chance to close the the game as the main thing that they need is the dimensional gate staff but there is no such thing. Follow all the steps of the walkthrough to find all locations and will also help you complete the entire playthrough of the game.

Part 1 Opening and Tutorial Part 2 To the Mines Part 3 Southport Mines Part 1  

Rainbow Moon Playthrough 01 - Opening and Tutorial

Rainbow Moon Playthrough 02 - To The Mines!

Rainbow Moon Playthrough 03 - Southport Mines Part 1



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