In this guide we will provide you in Pokemon Go how to join raids and tips on how you can effectively complete raids and the different rewards that you can get.

We must clarify that not all raids Pokémon GO work the same or give the same reward. There are several types of them, including some that have not yet taught Niantic. So you do not miss your way to your nearest gym, let’s clarify some basics.

This guide forays into Pokémon gyms GO includes the rewards you can earn or type of creature you’re going to face.

How to know that there is a raid launched

The raids are relatively easy to find. This time Niantic winks to all users and includes an indicative right next to the tab showing Nearby Pokémon. If you access it you can see two types of Raids: those that are underway and those yet.

If the raid Pokémon GO is not yet available in the gym, you’ll see an egg and a countdown. It’s exactly what you see if you walk to the gym. That countdown is which marks the beginning of Raid. When it reaches zero, a Pokémon will appear in it.

How to join a raid

If you’ve decided you want to fight, there are several things you should consider. The first is that the ceiling of players in Pokémon raids GO is 20 . They can not go to the same gym unless one is inside out.

Secondly, the time limit. Raids in normal players have an hour to kill the Pokémon, divided into five-minute bouts. After those five minutes can go out and heal their creatures before returning. Foreseeably do so implies that others take your place.

trick to earn more rewards Raids GO Pokémon would calculate the minutes leading into other players and enter only when the defender is low on life. It is complicated but almost certainly many will.

There is a maximum limit of fighters but not a minimum. You can go alone, but surely fall fast as most of the defenders have a very high level. The best alternative is to join one that is already running, something you can do freely whenever there are hollow.

Finally, two additional limitations: you get a pass Raid to join one . It is easy to achieve, since it only consists of loot a Pokémon gym until the get. These are the features:

  • You can only have a pass from Raid
  • You only get one a day
  • Once you use it, it disappears
  • You can use the same pass to access the same raid whenever you want
  • You need to be level 35

What types of Raids are there

GO Pokémon Raids are divided into five levels . In Level 1 you can find such weak creatures as a Magikarp, so they should not worry. The jackpot are Raids Level 4 and 5. 4 can already find Pokémon with up to 25,000 health points.

In the last level you would expect Legendary Pokémon appear. Time to defeat themis five minutes, which is challenging only the height of the best coaches. To access these forays GO elite Pokémon you must first successfully engage in many normal

  • Rare Candies – when used on a Pokémon, will turn into that Pokémon’s Candy. One Rare Candy will equal one Candy for that creature.
  • Golden Razz Berries – Greatly increase Pokémon capture rate in the wild, and can be used in Gyms to fully recover Motivation.
  • TMs – Available in Fast and Charged varieties, these Technical Machines will permanently teach a new Fast Attack or Charge Attack respectively. It’s essentially move re-rolling, ideal for a high powered creature with weak Moves.

champions also awards a number of special Pokéballs with which will have the opportunity to catch the defending Pokémon gym. Imagine the possibilities if by chance you are in a RAID level 5.

Of course, a greater contribution to their defeat, as many Pokéballs. Do not cut in combat or not have enough to capture this rare Pokémon or who you know if I legendary.

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