Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Best Weapons

When it comes to getting a team, the most important thing is to be fast, since it is of little use to look for the best objects if at the beginning of change we end up dead. That is why nothing more to land we have to go to the nearest buildings to inspect to the last corner and catch the first thing we find that can be more useful than our fists.

Therefore, at first we cannot refuse a machete, a nail bar or a crossbow. However, given the abundant armament distributed throughout the area, it is normal to quickly find pistols, shotguns and assault rifles. It is therefore fundamental that we use the spaces of the inventory to have a weapon of each type and sufficient ammunition to use when necessary.

In this sense, the most recommended pistol is the P92, a very effective short-range weapon, stable and with good firepower. To give our inventory a greater versatility, it would be ideal to carry one or two assault rifles, the best options being AK and M16A4, two weapons that, with their differences, can offer magnificent results in medium distances and comply with the file in short and long.

It is also necessary to take a good shotgun to clean the most dangerous rooms, the most recommended being the S12K. This weapon is tremendously powerful, with a wide arc of dispersion and good handling. Finally, although it is a difficult weapon to find, the sniper rifle is determinant in this video game and to make one can change the course of the game.

However, although all these weapons can ensure us good tools for combat, it will be very important that we pay attention to all complements. These can be coupled to the weapons from the inventory and, if you find a better one, we can replace them. The ideal would be to find some long range sights for an assault rifle or sniper, although the red dot sights are also very effective for close combat. Finally, all the complements that help to improve the manageability of the arms will be indispensable.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Find the best resources

When it comes to finding the best objects to looter is essential to have things very clear and not waste time. The first thing to look for are backpacks and vests that increase inventory capacity. Once we have covered this problem of space will be time to look for bands, energy drinks and medical kits that, although we may not use, will be essential for complicated situations or to give them to our partners.

As important as the two previous aspects will be to find ammunition because, although we are very well armed, nothing will work if we do not have bullets. That is why we will have to store all we can, the most common being 5.56. Finally, within the accessories for the weapons will be essential to find silencers, as these will help us when shooting enemies and not give away our position.


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