According dataminers, the next event of the season will come to Overwatch will be held on Valentine ‘s Day, where we discover that two characters in the game have a romance.

According to the user akhanubis reddit , the recent update to the testing ground contains new voice lines that can help us predict the future of Overwatch . These voices correspond to Mercy and Genji, who talk about giving each other chocolates.

To begin with , we have to Genji who asks his brother Hanzo if you have any chocolate . The interesting thing comes later, when Mercy gives him chocolate Genji , “is Swiss, on the best , ” she says. Also, we notice that he calls him by his real name, Angela. The last of the audios puts us in the same situation, only this time it Genji who gives chocolates . “They are not Swiss,” he warns her as Angela calls him back. Listen to them all here .

This reveals that the event next season will come in February and something very important for fans of Overwatch : Genji and Mercy have a relationship.

Why is it important for players? Several have been asking for Genji and Mercy to be together. Some fanfics have created background stories, which put Mercy as Genji’s nurse, a situation that made their romance possible. This helped the ninja to restore his health and get accustomed to his cyborg body.

As if that were not enough, the Christmas comic Overwatch , that reveals sexuality Tracer , let us also see the possibility of Genji and Mercy to communicate through letters. Fortunately we will not have to wait long to know what Blizzard is up to.

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